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Interview with microsoft teams.7 tips for video call interview success on Microsoft Teams

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When the Interviewing Panel is ready to start the interview, you will then be admitted to the meeting by the meeting organiser. This will hide itself after a short period of inactivity, to bring it back move your mouse over the lower central part of the meeting window. Picture 3. Picture 4. After your interview has concluded you will need to select the Hang-up button to leave the meeting. University of Chester Menu.

Make sure you have Microsoft Teams downloaded onto your computer, and familiarise yourself with the system. Research the company and decide what is appropriate to wear. Avoid patterns or distracting jewellery and ties. Opt for simple, softer colours and dress fully — not just from the waist up!

This will help you to psychologically feel ready for the interview. Have a pen and paper to hand for any questions that spring to mind or any key details you want to note down. Also make sure you have a glass of water to hand — interviews can be thirsty work! Raise your camera to head level to avoid looking down on the interviewer and to make it more natural — use a laptop stand, or a pile of books. Within Microsoft Teams, turn off the box that shows you, this avoids distraction and too much self-consciousness and allows you to focus more fully on the interviewer and the questions.

Once set up, check again for lighting — coming from in front of you. If you wear glasses, try to position the lighting to remove any unwanted glare. This is a really important step. Test your setup. Do a dummy interview using Microsoft Teams with a friend. You can record it and watch it back to identify any adjustments you need to make. Test the audio, the video and internet speed. Does the background look ok? Similarly, by sharing your own screen, you can explain an assignment to the candidate or present them with any other information.

To share your screen, simply click on Share on top right once you start the meeting. Then, you can choose between different presenter modes and what exact content you wish to share — all your screen or just specific windows. You may want to keep some notes during the interview. For example, you can give details about the case study the interviewee will need to work on, share some links with them, or other information. On the other hand, they may want to share their portfolio, or, say, a website.

Meeting notes will be available for both parties before, during, and after the meeting. After the interview is over, you will see the meeting chat that will show all meetings interactions. Then, you may want to download the transcripts and then share them as a document in a dedicated channel with your recruitment team, if needed. Thus, everyone can easily find all the information they need and make the right decision. April 13, Olga Makarova. Table of contents. Why use Microsoft Teams for interviews Scheduling an interview Conducting an interview in Microsoft Teams Connecting Prepare the background Noise suppression Admitting from the lobby Recording and transcription Screen sharing Meeting notes After conducting the interview in Microsoft Teams.



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In preparation for your upcoming virtual Teams interview, download the Teams App to your computer. · Test that the Teams App is working. · Your recruiting contact. When you interview at Microsoft, you’re interviewing for a specific position within a specific team that has a need for a specific number of people with. To schedule an interview in Microsoft Teams, you can.


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interviews will be replaced with video-meetings using Microsoft Teams (Teams). The IT Scheduling an interview in Microsoft Teams. It is essential you reply to your invitation in order for you to receive your Microsoft Team invitation. Once you have accepted your interview date, please then. Test your setup. Do a dummy interview using Microsoft Teams with a friend. · Test the audio, the video and internet speed. Does the background.

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