Benefits of a smart disinfectant tunnel

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What are the benefits of a smart disinfectant tunnel?

Smart disinfection and sanitization tunnels are pathways built specially to the purpose of eliminating viruses, bacteria, mold, fungi and spores by only passing through the tunnel.

You might wonder! How a disinfectant tunnel is beneficial? A disinfection tunnel sprays a sanitizing liquid which is tested to eliminate most types of SARS CoV2 series viruses, including the Covid-19 coronavirus!

The disinfectant tunnel prevents the spread of the virus by eliminating it from the surface of the passing body. This clears out the contagious virus wedged on the outside of the person that could pass to other people through physical contact if not eliminated.

Furthermore the tunnel is safe to use by everyone, like children, adults and seniors. The superficial layer of mist has no impact on the skin or the eyes. It is also safe for clothes and will not stain or wet them.

Some people may assume that the tunnel is time consuming; on the contrary, it is fast. By just walking a few steps into the tunnel and walking out just like that! Easily. The sanitization requires what is calculated within 15 seconds only to complete the disinfection process. Which makes them an optimal choice to use in public, because it can endure the pressure of crowded places.

In addition the tunnel which Tatheer Tech provides; is fast to assemble, foundation free and portable too! Which makes it easy to re-use in multiple places and locations. It is also considered to be eco friendly and recyclable.

The smart disinfection tunnel is considered an efficient investment on health and safety; because it is common that a healthy and safe environment leads to higher productivity.

Tatheer Tech gives you the chance to customize your own tunnel with your choice of specifications and instruments.

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