The importance of sanitization gate

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The importance of sanitization gate

The importance of sanitization gate | أهمية البوابة المعقمة الذكية

Why is the sanitization gate important?
In the current events of Covid-19 pandemic, and during our recovery stage where we all try and go back to normal life, it is important to be protected against viruses, bacteria, mold, fungi and spores. The sanitization gate helps in reducing the spread of the coronavirus. By spraying a special sanitizing solution through the process of people or objects passing through. This clears out the contagious virus stuck on the surface that could pass to other people through physical contact if not eliminated.

The gates are safe to be used by everyone! It is safe to be used by children, adults and seniors. Everyone can use the gate safely without any harm to their skin, eyes or clothes. The used sanitizer does not cause any allergies, rash or burns to the skin and does not wet the surface of passing people or objects because the sanitizer solution evaporates quickly after eliminating the viruses.

Sanitization gate is suitable especially for those who work with groups and who are in close contact with people and in crowded places and people who are considered to be at higher risk. Sanitization gate provides an assured and safe protection at entry and exit of places for everyone.

In addition, the gate provides maximum protection against Covid-19. It can be installed at the entrance of any public place; such as shopping malls, building entrances, departments, shops, supermarkets, schools, airports, factories, ports, hospitals, homes, and mosques.

The smart sanitization gate is considered to be an effectual investment on one’s health and safety; because it is common that a healthy and safe environment leads to higher productivity and eventually the survival of people and businesses during covid-19 pandemic.  

Furthermore, the tunnel which Tatheer Tech provides; is fast to assemble, foundation free and portable too! Which makes it easy to be reused in multiple places and locations. It is also considered to be friendly to the environment and recyclable as well.

Tatheer Tech gives you the chance to create your own gate with your choice of specifications and instruments.

smart disinfection gate

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