What is a disinfection tunnel?

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What is a disinfection tunnel?

A disinfection tunnel is a tunnel that allows people to pass through in order to spray them with a sanitizing liquid solution to sterile the external side of the passing person. It consists of a metal structure, nozzles and the disinfectant liquid. All connected together through a circuit to which is programmed to spray a person as soon as they pass through to be disinfected. This protects all the passing people and reduces the chances of getting infected from visiting public places or going to work. This disinfectant is sprayed evenly to cover the human body superficially and it will neutralize any SARS-CoV-2 viruses, killing 99.9% of viruses.

And so, the disinfection tunnel is beneficial in preventing the spread of covid-19, because of the sprayed sanitizer liquid quality; which has been proven to eliminate most viruses, bacteria, mold, fungi and spores.

Disinfection and decontamination tunnels and gates represent an assured and safe protection at entry and exit of places for everyone. It is suitable especially for those who work in close contact with groups and in crowded places and considered to be at higher risk.

These tunnels are considered to be safe for everyone. Children, adults and seniors can use the tunnel safely without any harm to their skin, eyes or clothes. The used disinfectant does not cause allergies, rash or burns to the skin and does not wet the clothes of passing people because the disinfectant evaporates quickly after eliminating the viruses. In addition it is not time consuming at all; the tunnel requires max 15 seconds to do the job and sanitize!

The smart disinfection and sanitization tunnel is designed to provide maximum protection against Covid-19. It can be installed at the entrance of any public place; such as shopping malls, building entrances, departments, shops, supermarkets, schools, airports, factories, ports, hospitals, homes, and mosques.

smart disinfection gate

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